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Rainfur, the kind Medicine Cat of WindClan [try-out]

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Rainfur, the kind Medicine Cat of WindClan [try-out]

Post by Sour on Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:22 am

Character name: Rainfur

Nickname: None

Character age: 24 moons

Gender: Female

Clan/Tribe: WindClan

Rank: Hopefully Medicine Cat

Personality: Described as an optimistic she-cat with an open and warm personality, the kind of fellow you can’t stay mad at for more than two heartbeats. She likes to see the good in everyone and will not judge anyone harshly as she believes everyone deserves compassion unless they have irrefutably proved they’re beyond saving. She’s wise and intelligent, many visit her den in search for advice, she likes to help in any way so she will listen to your problems without judging or complaining. Rainfur pays a lot of attention to details, be it her fur or signs from StarClan, she can’t stand it when things are dine half-heartedly, this are the rare occasions in which you could say she looks angry or annoyed. Overall she’s a cheerful medicine cat who enjoys serving her Clan in any way she can, be it fighting sickness or helping young cats find their path.

Appearance: Rainfur stays true to the whole “skinny WindClan” statements, with a lithe, agile body the she-cat tends to move with noiseless, elegant steps. Her muscles are not well built and she may give a “weak” appearance when compared to her fellow clanmates, she doesn’t mind and usually jokes by saying “I count herbs while they run around the moor, no surprise I remind you of a leaf-bare mouse”. Her fur is short and completely white, no spots or markings whatsoever, she tends to groom it daily and fuss about it most of the time so it’s safe to say it’s sleek, well cared for and glossy. The fact that her fur is white makes it pretty easy to get dirty, hence her obsession with cleaning it. Something interesting about her appearance are her different colored eyes; her left eye is an icy blue while her right eye is a greenish yellow, both of them work perfectly and don’t seem to be troublesome at all. It is common knowledge that blue-eyed white cats tend to be born deaf, the case is true with Rainfur as she’s deaf on her left ear. Apart from that she’s a perfectly healthy she-cat with a bright future ahead of her.

Disabilites: Deaf on her left ear

Biography: Rainfur was the only surviving kit of her mother’s last litter before retiring to the elder’s den, she had a rather dull if not boring kithood, no adventures, no mischief. She was always the good obedient kit who prefered to spend her time helping the Medicine Cat and the Elders rather than bothering the warriors. This made her a dear cat to the clan. When she reached the six moons and was about to be named an apprentice she did the only “outrageous” thing in her life. She interrupted the ceremony Rainfur remembers that day kindly.

The clan was buzzing with excitement; everyone except Rainkit seemed pleased with the situation at hand. The white kit tried her best to protest, she knew the warrior life was not for her but every time she looked at her mother’s big blue eyes, hoping for her last kit to turn into an outstanding warrior her tongue grew dry. She knew what she wanted, she wished to become a medicine cat, learn every trick and herb by heart, led carefully by Rowanstripe and StarClan. But now, because of her cowardice, she was about to be named a warrior apprentice. Goodness she was scared.

She listened carefully to the leader’s word and then she somehow mustered up enough courage and screeched a single word into the air: STOP! Everyone stared at her, astonished and curious, Rainkit knew what she had to do know before courage runs dry. “I don’t wish to be a warrior apprentice!” she mewed; this was followed by astonished gasps and a fierce glare from her mother. “I-“ she hesitated, but her heart was true “I wish to be a medicine cat.” All of her clanmates turned to Rowanstripe who simply purred and with a slight laughter said, “I was waiting for you to ask, little one.”

At the end the leader agreed and everything was merry apprentice hood for little Rainpaw

Soon, after several moons of training, she received her Medicine Cat name: Rainfur, in honor of her deceased father Grassfur.

Now, Rowanstripe went to join StarClan and Rainfur is the only Medicine Cat of WindClan. StarClan help her bear with her new responsibilities.

+ The scent of healing herbs
+ Light rain
+ Her den, specially her cozy nest
+ StarClan and Silverpelt
+ Sharing dreams with her warrior ancestors
+ Eager apprentices and energetic kits
+ Observing the stars

- Wicked cats
- Bullies, she can’t stand them
- Being low on supplies
- Sickness, specially greencough
- Fussying queens
- Overworking

Current mate: Oh my, that’s against the warrior code

Current crush: Gladly none

Offspring: None, what a relief

Breezefang – mother, elder
Grassfur – father, deceased

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Re: Rainfur, the kind Medicine Cat of WindClan [try-out]

Post by Epic Person on Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:35 am

Very, very nice! Your accepted on my part, Rainfur will make an excellent addition to Windclan. Now we just have to wait for sorrel.

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Re: Rainfur, the kind Medicine Cat of WindClan [try-out]

Post by Sorrel on Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:17 pm

Very great first bio Sour!

Fully accepted ^^

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Re: Rainfur, the kind Medicine Cat of WindClan [try-out]

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