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The Will Of Four | My Warriors Fanfic| This is a series

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The Will Of Four | My Warriors Fanfic| This is a series

Post by Epic Person on Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:37 pm

Cats shall seek revenge,
As hatred, and heroes arise,
In the midst of blood, and battle.
Five cats shall come together, despite differences,
And the true enemy lurking all around; waiting in the shadows to kill.

First book: Found
Leader: Leopardstar: Bulky she-cat with golden fur two white paws, white stomach and serious amber eyes, and a scar on her shoulder.

Deputy: Ivytail: A thin, tawny tabby with white underbelly, chest, neck, muzzle, paws and tail-tip, deep cobalt blue eyes.

Medicine Cat: Ceaderheart: She-cat with neat grey, brown tabby fur and bright green eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Oakpaw: Light tawny tabby she-cat with white tipped tail, and amber orange eyes.

Appleheart: Shaggy blue haired she-cat with dark blue eyes. (Temporarily mentoring Dewpaw for Ivytail)
Birchtree: Tabby tom with green eyes and cinnamon coloured paws.
Mosspelt: Ginger she-cat with a slim build, white belly, legs and face, and one blue eye and one brown eye. (Apprentice is Hollypaw)
Bramblemask: Brown bengal tom with light yellow eyes, a white face and muzzle and a shredded ear.
Swiftpelt: Black and white patched tom with sparkling dark caramel eyes, and a scar on his leg.
Cloudfoot: Large tom with long pale grey tabby fur, one white paw and dark green eyes.
Marshfur: Bold tom with shining amber eyes and ruddy ginger fur. (Apprentice is Stripepaw)
Smokescar: Large black tom with dark amber eyes.
Eelclaw: Obnoxious she-cat with patchy calico fur. (Apprentice is Bluepaw)
Rushnose: Silver tabby tom with dark yellow eyes.
Pouncefire: Broad-shouldered tabby tom.
Creekshadow: Long haired white she-cat with a ginger tabby tail, and hazel grey eyes.
Cherryshine: Ginger tortoiseshell she-cat with pale green eyes. (Apprentice is Thrushpaw)

Hollypaw: Dark grey she-cat with icy blue eyes, two white paws, a white tipped tail and white tipped ears.
Dewpaw: Small grey she-cat with black flecks on her legs and bright baby blue eyes. Stripepaw: Black tom with a white stripe that runs around his neck.
Bluepaw: A silvery she-cat with dark blue eyes and four white paws.
Thrushpaw: Sandy brown tom with dark eyes.

Moonshine: Long haired grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes (All around queen, mate is Bramblemask)
Ivytail: A thin, tawny tabby with white underbelly, chest, neck, muzzle, paws and tail-tip, deep cobalt blue eyes. (Mate is Swiftpelt)
Gingerwish: Petit she-cat with long ginger fur, lime green eyes and a scar on one of her hind legs. (Mate is Cloudfoot)

Sootkit: Light brown she-kit with darker brown flecks and yellow eyes. (Her mother is Moonshine)
Rainkit: Charcoal grey tom with green eyes. (His mother is Moonshine)
Bramblekit: Tawny tabby she-cat with a dark brown under belly and white paws, her eyes are a sparkling blue. (Her mother is Ivytail, Mousekit’s twin)
Mousekit: A dark brown tabby tom with a tawny underbelly, and white paws, his eyes are a lime green. (His mother is Ivytail, Bramblekit’s win)
Icekit: White tom with blue eyes. (His mother is Ivytail)
Poppykit: Long furred tabby tom. (His Mother is Gingerwish, oldest kit, almost an apprentice.)

Larkwing: Dark ginger she-cat. (Oldest cat in the clan)
Blackwhisker: Black tom retired early due to blindness.
Rockflower: Bad tempered ginger tortoiseshell she-cat, youngest elder, she retired due to a hip injury when she was an apprentice, she received her warrior name before retiring though.

Foxstar; Dark ginger tom with hard amber eyes.

Riverflow: Silver tabby she-cat with long fur and knowing yellow green eyes. (Apprentice is Sloepaw)

Medicine Cat:
Beechwing: Bulky she-cat with dark eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentice:
Logpaw: Brown tom with amber eyes.

Mintshadow: Long haired black she-cat with sour brown eyes.
Frogwhisker: Slim smokey grey tom.
Dusttooth: Brown tabby she-cat with playfull amber eyes. (Apprentice is Tinpaw)
Shadewind: Bad tempered patchy haired tom with hazel eyes.
Buzzardjaw: Sweet, white she-cat with ginger and grey patches and a twisted tail with lavender blue eyes.
Ebonywish: Black tom with a feathery tail and green blue eyes. (Apprentice is Aspenpaw)
Badgerleg: Black and white she-cat with long claws and bright eyes.
Willowpad: Sandy ginger tabby tom with grey eyes.
Acorntuft: White long-haired she-cat with one blue eye and one yellow eye.

Aspenpaw: Grey cat with black flecks
Tinpaw: Broad-shouldered dark ginger tom.
Sloepaw: Off-white she-cat with blue eyes.

Frostscar: White she-cat with a dark grey tabby splotch on her back. (Mate is Frogwhisker)
Mumblenose: Smoke tortie with white splotches. (Expecting Willowpad's kits)

Vinekit: Soft grey tabby she-kit with tinges of ginger around her muzzle, she has ice blue eyes. (Mother is Frostscar)
Molekit: A lilac bengal tom with pale olive eyes. (Mother is Frostscar)

Heavystripe: Frail, blue mink She-cat with light green eyes.

Sandstar: Heavily scarred, cinnamon sable tom with dark green and gold eyes.

Lightfoot: Cream tabby she-cat with one white paw and aqua eyes.

Medicine Cat:
Birdleap: A fawn smoke tom with a white patch on his chest.

Medicine Cat Apprentice:
Hollowpaw: A small blue tortiseshell with one grey eye and yellow eye.

Galesky: A blue and silver tabby she-cat with silver eyes and four white paws;
Brackentail: Fawn, smoke she-cat with yellow green eyes and a white underbelly. (Apprentice is Fawnpaw)
Waspmask: Marbled brown tabby with a white face and Sea Green eyes.
Silversong: Black Smoke Mau she-cat with grey flecked eyes.
Weaselnose: Grey brown tabby tom. (Apprentice is Blackpaw)
Voletooth: Stocky brown tom. (Apprentice is Meadowpaw)
Oatpelt: Golden tabby with amber eyes.

Fawnpaw: Tawny she-cat with white flecks on her back, pale amber-brown eyes,
Blackpaw: Smokey grey tom with brown eyes and white splotches.
Meadowpaw: Blue sable she-cat with white tipped tail, paws, and chest, blue eyes with yellow flecks. A large scar rakes across her flank.

Pansyleaf: Calico she-cat with forest green eyes. (Mate is Oatpelt)
Sagebranch: Solid white she-cat with blue eyes. (Mate is Weaselnose)

Maplekit: Lilac Abyssinian she-cat with white paws and a locket on her chest with a white underbelly. (Mother is Pansyleaf)
Pricklekit: Grey and black tom with bristly fur. (Mother is Sagebranch)

Shrewspots: Grumpy grey tom.

Icystar: White she-cat with grey eyes and pine-needle-green eyes.

Greeneyes: Dark, seal, lynx, point tom with vivid green eyes.

Medicine Cat:
Flowerspots: Golden brown she-cat with white spots.

Medicine Cat Apprentice:
Duckpaw: White tom with brown tail and face.

Lakewind: A bronze spotted she-cat with amber eyes and two white paws.
Brightlight: Dark cream she-cat with wide eyes.
Sundash: A skinny fawn tabby.
Rowanfall: Cinnamon smoke tabby tom with white paws.
Oneear: Solid grey tom with a ripped off ear. (Apprentice is Jaggedpaw)
Greyfire: A fluffy white tom with
Seedflight: Cream spotted she-cat with brown eyes.

Jaggedpaw: Dark grey tom with long fur and bright yellow eyes.

Mallowstalk: A blue lynx point she-cat with intense hazel yellow eyes and white paws. (Mate is Rowanfall)
Tinyleaf: Slick, brown ticked tabby with grey eyes and a scar over her right eye. (Mate is Greeneyes)

Olivekit: A fawn calico with full violet eyes.
Spiderkit: Small, Seal, sable tom with a white locket on his chest.
Ryekit: A ticked silver tabby with a white face and long whiskers. (Mother is Tinyleaf)

Quailheart: Black and white she-cat with pale yellow, green flecked eyes.
Ripplestream: Silver tabby tom with bent ears.

A large, striped tom sat by a glowing circular pool. His hard green eyes stared into its clear depths. A voice rang out from behind him,
“Stripestar!” The feline voice yowled; its owner was a slim, cream she-cat. She stalked in, her amber eyes set ablaze. “Why have you called us here?”
Stripestar twitched his whiskers in amusement. “Larkstar, calm down, we have much to discuss. Do not fret; I have not summoned you here in vain.” He tried to soothe the Windclan leader’s bristling fur with a stroke of his tail.
From behind Larkstar came a booming laugh, “Oh Larkstar, don’t get your fur in a knot.” A solid grey tom sidled into the cavern. It was Cinderstar, the former leader of Shadowclan. The tom’s bright yellow eyes watched the two other cats. “But I do agree with her, why has the mighty leader of Thunderclan interrupted my sunning session and demanded I come here to a damp cave in the outskirts of Starclan’s forest?”
Stripestar rolled his eyes and sat down, “We will not continue this discussion until Honeystar joins us.” He decided firmly.
As if bound by her name a pale ginger she-cat slid in from the small entrance. “Hello,” She meowed sweetly, in a voice from which she got her warrior name Honeysong. “I suppose you’ve been waiting for me; I’m sorry I was teaching some apprentices how to catch fish.”
Stripestar stood up and padded over to the pool; he looked at the other three leaders and flicked his tail, signaling for them to come look into the shimmering water with him. As they gathered around he touched one paw to the water.
“As you know, we take pride in our successors.” He began; the pool became a mirror into the Windclan camp and Larkstar puffed out her chest. It showed a ginger sable tom was towering over two apprentices. His gentle words echoed around the cave,
“. . . It was wrong of you two to go out alone, especially when no one had known where you were. Now I’m not mad at you but for this act of foolishness, you will not go to the next gathering and you will spend the rest of the moon cleaning out dens. Go tell Fawnpaw she will be the only one attending the gathering tomorrow night.”
The two cats nodded quickly and dashed away.
Stripestar looked up, “Sandstar,” He said evenly, “A kind, fair leader.” And all the other cats murmured their agreement.
Stripestar touched the surface again, and this time it shone down on the banks of Riverclan’s camp. Another ginger tom was looking at the river with great intent; beside him was a bulky she-cat whose worried mews reached the past leaders ears.
“Foxstar, Heavystripe has taken ill again. I’m worried. We have run out of Feverfew, I have no other choice but to send Logpaw to go beg Thunderclan for some Borage.”
Foxstar sighed, “But what about the river separating us from Windclan?”
“I’ve picked it clean.” The she-cat replied.
“Very well Beechwing, send Logpaw right away.” Foxstar nodded slowly.
Stripestar nodded as Foxstar did, “Foxstar, a cat who doesn’t refuse help from the other clans when he needs it.”
Honeystar let out a little purr.
Again the water was dabbed and the Shadowclan territory came into view, a white she-cat was standing up against a small bleeding cat.
“C’mon we’ll take you back to camp.” A skinny fawn tabby was being leaned on as well.
“Icystar,” Stripestar whispered, “A welcoming she-cat for all those in need.”
Cinderstar looked a little edgy but pride swelled in his gaze.

Now it was Stripestar’s turn to become flustered when a spotted she-cat came into view. She was with a ginger tortoiseshell she-cat and a small sandy tom. In front of them was a snarling baby fox. The scene showed the cats defeating the fox.
“And lastly, Leopardstar,” The striped tom’s tone was clouded with respect. “A fierce, loyal leader and a tricky opponent in battle.”
Then Stripestar stood up, “But they are not enough, you all know a force is coming to the lake territory. A force that cannot be stopped by the four clans. We thought we would unite four cats from each clan together, but, no kits will be born in time. We know two of the cats are in Thunderclan and I’ve finally figured it out!
Two clan cats, one tribe cat, one kittypet and one rouge.”
A collective wave of shock ran through the other three cats. But Honeystar was the first to get over it. “Stripestar is right; we must send a message to Ivytail. Deputy of Thunderclan, she will know what to do. Bramblekit and Mousekit are the two kits in the prophecy right? She is their mother, she will have to tell her kits."
All the cats nodded and murmured their assent.
“Then it is settled.” Cinderstar meowed loudly, “We will tell her together.”
“Now,” Larkstar decided.
“Now.” The others agreed in unison.

Chapter one:
"Bluesky! Bluesky!"

The name was chanted repeatedly and it pounded against Ivytail's ears with an intensity that made her want to scream. The entire clan swelled with pride but two cats radiated it, a gangly she-cat with ragged calico fur and a plump silver she-cat.

Leopardstar cleared her throat and raised her paw for silence, as the cheers faded away the leader started to speak, "The Dawn Patrol scented fox by the Windclan boarder. Please be careful when passing through that part of our territory. Other then that, this meeting has come to a close!"

Ivytail fluffed out her fur and stretched her limbs, as she glanced around the camp she noticed that Bluesky was padding eagerly over to Rushnose, as Bluesky said something Rushnose nodded in reply. Turning together they padded out of camp.

Curious, Ivytail slunk after them.

Live like you are extrodinary . . .
Love like you admire someone's most painful burden . . .
Breath like the air is scented with lavender and fire . . .
See like the droplets of rain are each exquisite . . .
Laugh like the events of existence are to be cherished . . .
Imagine like there is magic in your fingertips . . .
Give freedom to your instncts, to your spirit, to your longing . . .
~ E.M. Crane

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