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- Naomi - Bloodclan Deputy Audition

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- Naomi - Bloodclan Deputy Audition

Post by Uncertain on Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:42 pm

Character name:
Naomi (Neigh-Oh-Me)

Nainai (Neigh-Neigh)

Character age:
20 Moons




Personality: (Long Description)
Naomi has a unique, intelligent personality. Living in Bloodclan, she can be aggressive, snappy, and cat who looks as if it has just been thrown into a lake. But on the inside, she is filled with kindess and loving ways. Greeting, Socializing, and being helpful around the clan. There are not many cats like here who belong to Bloodclan, but she may hide it from the other members in her clan who show no kindness in the clan. It doesn't bother her, but she just hopes and dreams she will find someone like her. Outside of that personality, she hates the other clans. Always picking fights and arguements with Bloodclan, acting like little kits coming out of the nursery for the first time...Naomi just hates them. She rejects their every decision and plan, even if it's a smart one. Just the words that come from their maws. But still, on the inside, Naomi is a soft-hearted she-cat who adores other Bloodclan members and the clan itself.

Appearance: (Long Description)
This she-cat is a Turkish Van, so her coat is fairly unique. Her main pelt color is white, head to tail. Naomi also has lynx like ear tufts that are white as well. Her paw pads are light pink, as well as her nose and the insides of her large ears. And her markings are a redish orange color which makes her coat unique. Her head is a very light creamy color and is highlighted by darker redish orange mackeral stripes which go from eye to cheek on both sides of her head. The creamy colored head stops at the top of her eyes but goes down until it reaches the tip of her muzzle. The rest of her muzzle is white like her main fur. Markings are circular oval spots that carefully go down her torso, leg, and tail. Each of the circular markings are redish orange and stop at the underside of her tail. The first spot is on the back of her neck. The second is near that one, but is in the area of the spinal cord or top of the back. Then another one goes down into the center of her spine and is only on one side. Another, on the back of her leg and the very bottom of her back, or the rear.  Then a whole  redish orange line goes down the bottom of her tail 'til it reaches the bottom. Naomi's eyes are a shining chesnut brown and her whiskers are long.  Finally, fur length is in the middle of medium and long.

Mental Disabilites:


|| Socializing with the clan.

|| Meeting friends and newcomers.

|| Knowing she is loyal and proud to be in Bloodclan.

|| Mice, Voles, Squirrels, Lemmings.

|| Laying in a tree and watching the stars. (Fascinates her.)


|| Seeing/Listening to the other clans.

|| Disloyal cats.

|| Fish, rats, insects, any bugs.

|| Cold water.

|| Hot days.

Current mate:

Current crush:



Father - Rat

Mother - Aspen

Siblings - Bunny, Ember, Yap

- - -

Mentor - xxx

Apprentice -


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Re: - Naomi - Bloodclan Deputy Audition

Post by Smoke on Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:02 pm

Hiya Uncertain ^.^ We've moved to a new site- http://thenewera.fullforums.org/
BloodClan deputy still isn't taken, and this is a very good bio. I used to play the deputy role with my cat Killer but he stepped down because he went insane. Now I play the BloodClan med. cat apprentice, Klaus. I hope to see you on the new site Very Happy

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