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Post by TWOSTEP on Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:32 am

This clan is strictly realistic!

About Us
Lightningclan is a semi-evil and anti-clan. They steal kits often, having a high position dedicated to the profession. The reason it is "semi-evil" is because that is up for debate.

Territory and Landmarks

click for picture of territory
- Poppy Field - -
The Poppy field is dotted with clumps of poppy flowers here and there, with belly-high grass and a few stunted bushes and a small grove of aspen trees near the east side of the field. A fire struck through the field, leaving the north border charred and desolate, but only the north half of the field was damaged.

- - Abandoned Castle - -
The Abandoned Castle is not too large, but it is not a doll house by far. The castle is very dangerous and pieces can fall off at any time. There are large boulders, bricks and chunks of walls littering the grounds just outside the castle, due to the instability and crumbling of the castle. Recently, part of a tower fell into a large stream, and by blocking it cause the camp to flood.

- - Old Camp - -
Ahh, now we are to the old camp! Lightningclan made its home outside the old castle, until a flood
caused the camp to become a mud sinkhole. The stream now forever feeds this sinkhole, so it will never dry. Apprentices and kits are forbidden near this landmark.

- - Birch Forest - -
After the flood, the clan moved inside the Birch Forest. It is called this because within a forest of mixed aspen, pine, oak, willow etc. trees, there is a medium sized copse of pure Birch and Aspen trees, the latter being newly grown.

- - New Camp - -
The new camp is located at the heart of the Birch Forest, in a clearing surrounded by thorn bushes, tangled vines and reinforced walls. The clearing has short, soft springy grass growing in it, with a gnarled, bent Aspen tree on one side, where the leader makes the announcements. Through a reinforced fern and thorn tunnel, into the camp, the dens (Starting right and moving counterclockwise) are in order;
- Unused den, usually for prisoners. Made out of a large bush.
- Travelers Den. Both full travelers and apprentices may sleep here, but they are welcome in the apprentices and warriors den as well.
- Elder's Den, constructed from a few close growing shrubs.
- Medicine Den, The Medicine den is beneath two large rocks, one a boulder and the other a flat smooth stone slab. Also, bushes, ferns and other things help enlarge the back of the den. Some of it goes underground, and was dug out.
- Leader's Den, The leader's den is beneath a large boulder that the clan guessed broke off from the medicine den before they moved in. Corrosion, wind, rain and other elements washed away the dirt beneath it on one side, and even some of the rock. When Lightningclan moved in it was dug wider and deeper, creating a small cave big enough for several cats to stand in.
- Announcement tree, a large gnarled and twisted/bent Aspen tree that the leader makes announcements from.
- Nursery, a large soft-leaved bush protects the mothers and kits from harm. Outside from that bush warriors have transplanted thorn bushes, and the thorn bushed have grown into a protective outer shell for the nursery den.
- Apprentices Den, large and old fern bushes make up the apprentice den, and on one side is a piece of an old log that a bush took root on, overhanging and creative the apprentices Den.
- Warriors Den, A simple den of ferns and a few spread out large leaved shrubs make up the warriors den, woven with twigs and leaves.

Hanging over the camp is a large birch tree, creating a shady area over most of the camp, and protecting some of the dens from most rain.

- - Mountains - -
Near the lake, are mountains. Only a small portion of them are within the territory, but the mountain range continues out of the territory and heads west.

- - Beach - -
The beach is small and long, the yellowish brown sand is where cats can find frogs and small creatures to hunt. The sand is strangely salty, causing the water to change a bit near their shore.

- - Shimmer Lake - -
There is a shore of Shimmer lake that borders Lightningclan, though they do not swim often.

- - Fish Cove - -
In the mountains there is a cove full of fish that swim over a little edge of the bowl like bottom and get trapped. Once they live there, the fish multiply into a huge buffet waiting to happen.

- - Hollow - -
A simple name, a simple place. Undergrowth giving way to a flat, oval shaped clearing. Around the edge grows moss, and in the center is a hard packed, sandy/dirt arena.

- - Koy's Pond - -
This is where the battle of Coalstar and Koyarius took place, when he was captured and brought to Boneclan. The pond was re-named for the Event.
© to Sosa for picture

Travelers are considered a high position, up for a clan badge. When you are applying for a high position, you must be ACTIVE in the CLAN! If you are inactive for too long without reason, your badge will be removed and your cat considered "MIA" or out of the clan. travelers are always needed more of!

Travelers are cats who go on kit stealing missions to other clans. More info below!

Elects are chosen as kits, there will be a 'choosing' once every two moons when all the kits will be put through a series of tests and usually only one will be chosen to join the Elite rank of the Elects. They spend their life training to be Elite warriors. They are the spies, assassins and Elite rank of the clan. They are highly respected and sometimes even more so than the deputy.



More Welcome!

* In no specific order, all rules are equally as important.

-- This clan is strictly realistic.

--Leader's word is law.

--Any cats accused of crimes punishable by death or exile will undergo a trial.

-- High positions include Leader, Deputy, Medicine cat, Medicine cat apprentice, Assistant Medicine Cat and apprentice, Travelers, Traveler Apprentices, and Elects.

-- Kits must be 5 moons to become apprentices.

-- Apprentices are not required to have a Mentor. To become a warrior all they need to do is be assessed by a warrior and the leader.

-- Lightningclan never returns kits willingly. Only under extreme circumstances are they given back.

These rules only apply to the clan Travelers.

-- Travelers take on the duties of kit stealing, and regular warrior duties.

-- IMPORTANT: travelers must bring at least 2 kits to the clan each month, or they will be demoted. The kits may not be NPC's they must be real roleplayed cats, brought to this clan with the roleplayer knowing. Please have a real stealing thread, and post it here when your character returns, so I can save it on this first post for future reference and post count toward the clan!

-- Travelers may take apprentices after their 4th kit (After becoming a full traveler) is brought to the clan.

--Travelers become Full travelers when they have finished their apprenticeship. To meet these requirements, they must bring 6 kits to the clan.

-- It is not required for traveler apprentices to have Mentors

-- Please do not ask when to go get kits, travelers may come and go as they please and go on raids as often as they like.

Here are some of the main Lightningclan customs, other than the ones already stated.

-- If by any reason the leader is unable to lead, the deputy will take over. However, if the leader goes missing, then when they return they may resume power.

-- If the leader sees the deputy unfit to take over, the most senior warrior/traveler or the leader's closest living relative will take over.

-- Travelers may take an apprentice after bringing at least 4 kits into the clan.

-- In Lightningclan, storms are welcomed. Lightning, Thunder and rain gives strength and hope to the warriors and cats of the clan.

Other customs coming soon.

Leader Coalstar played by me


Head Medicine Cat

Head Medicine Cat Apprentice

Medicine Cat Assistant Desertmint
Assistant Medicine Cat Apprentice open


Mintfoot played by Me

Traveler's Apprentices



Screen Name;
Did you read the rules;

Cat's Name(s);
Cat(s) Gender;
Cat(s) Appearance;
Cat(s) Personality;
Cat(s) Rank;
Rp sample [if applying for HP];
Interesting facts, anything you want us to know?;

© to Fantasia for the creation of this clan and most of this post.

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