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Tribe of Rushing Water

Stingpaw; Silent Windclan Apprentice

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Stingpaw; Silent Windclan Apprentice

Post by megarin on Thu Apr 04, 2013 8:47 pm

Basic pelt coloration

Basic eye coloration

Bumble Sting Stingkit Stingpaw Stingscar

Male (Yes; I'm a girl who has guy characters. don't judge!)

Seven Moons
(A little over half a year)



Grey and orange tabby tom with rare dark brown eyes. His main color is greyand he has black stripes but he has yellowed orange rimming his white belly and on his legs. Also the orange is on a few splotches on his back making him (kind of) resemble a bumblebee. Very small and thin; but fast and agile as all of Windclan. He has long legs and a lean body. He inherited this because although he was born Rouge, his mother was Windclan descendant. When he gets older he will get a huge scar along his flank and another small scar on his forehead from some battle or something, earning him the warrior name Stingscar

He's silent. Very silent. Not because he's shy, because he was raised silent. Raised saying few words. But he's very mature for his age. He'll sit straight with his tail under his paws and act all perfect. He is very picky when it comes to words and will correct you when you slip up. all of the other apprentices believe he is a stuck-up, no-fun, know-it-all. That's because he was raised that way. But once you get to know him you'll see that that's not who he is at all. He is wildly imaginative and likes it that way. Huge dreams of being accepted and becoming a deputy -- even leader -- fill his overlooked brain. He is great at pretending and even accidentally imagines things. His ideas are often great but he doesn't like to share them. One day he'll learn to leave his past behind and let his imagination and great ideas for battle, hunting, training, and just about everything non-survival related show.

He was born to a rouge family. His given name was Bumble. The mother died and the father was cruel. His father didn't like him, thought him a pest, like the pest he was named after. His father started to call him Sting, and it stuck. There were rules. No talking. No purring. No playing. No eating food before Father. No Hiding. No Sneaking. No sharing. No thinking. No thoughts put into words. No thoughts of the future. Not even pretending. It's why he acts so perfect. He doesn't remember how to have fun, to be curios, to be a bit mischievous, to have thoughts or ideas. He doesn't remember how to share them.
He escaped from his father when he was out. His Father had fallen in love with another she-cat. They were going to have kits. Sting didn't want that. He couldn't stand more kits, and another parent who seemed as mean as Father.
He escaped while his father was out with the she-cat. He could imagine them bonding and getting closer. In a relationship; together forever.... Ewe. The thought made him sick. How could anyone like a guy like his Father in the first place? He guessed he was tough and good-looking. He must have had tricks he used on those she-cats.
Sting ran away. As the only kit in the litter and having a father full of hate no one would miss him. He ran and ran. His long legs and lean body carrying him away forever. It was night and he ran to a strange place. There were cats all gathered 'round; four cats standing elevated up, their silhouettes against the moon. The cats there accepted him. He was still just a kit then. A white cat let him into the Clan that belonged to her. It was called Windclan.
They renamed him. They called him Stingkit. They didn't know he didn't really like that name. That it wasn't his real name. He was afraid of severe corporal punishment for the mention of that; as it was sharing his thoughts and that's how he had learned. He was raised by a foster mother in the nursery for his last two moons before apprenticeship. While he was a kit he learned the ways of the clans. Now he has been an apprentice for one moon.

I'll start RPing him soon. I made him because Smokepaw, a new member to the site, just joined Windclan and I noticed the activity in Windclan is not strong. Technically it's not strong in any of the RP forums. I think a lot of the HPs and even Sorrel herself have not been RPing or at least online in a while.... I mean the Tribe of Rushing Water doesn't have a single cat in it!

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Re: Stingpaw; Silent Windclan Apprentice

Post by Smoke on Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:20 am

I love it. he seems to have the perfect backstory (lots of Twolegs could probably relate to him somehow) and I'm very happy you went through the trouble to make it. Sorry I couldn't come on earlier to live RP and everything. I was sleeping.... my school seems to like depleting my energy. I'm just about to make my Bloodclan cat.

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